Next Gen Stores Brochure

Next Gen Stores Brochure

The rise of digitalisation, shifts in customer behaviours and the blurring of online and offline are driving brick and mortar operators to look for new ways to innovate in-store experiences.

This fast pace of change, coupled with the foray of ecommerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba into the retail space, has given a nudge of urgency for branch and store operators to reinvent their traditional models. With disruptors challenging the status quo, the pressure is on for store and branch operators to transform, elevate and innovate customer interactions.

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Bringing Bricks & Clicks together: MARRYING ONLINE AND OFFLINE STORES

Bringing Bricks & Clicks together: MARRYING ONLINE AND OFFLINE STORES

Internally, we used to talk about omnichannel and we’ve really switched that terminology because it became such a buzz word and omnichannel just means a lot of channels. In reality, the right way to look at it is unified commerce. Not unified in terms of an insideout view on unifying the platforms but unifying around the consumer experience.

That’s what all retailers, whether you’re starting online or offline, are realising. Unifying the experience around a singular customer who is shopping at multiple channels is really the true story that is going around today

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Will Amazon Go deliver more convenience at the convenience store?

Will Amazon Go deliver more convenience at the convenience store?

This article looks at the Next Generation stores with a case study from Amazon Go. 

The Just Walk Out artificial intelligence based retail model allows shoppers to browse, choose products and leave the Amazon Go convenience store without standing in line to check out. Computer vision and machine learning based technology, together with on-shelf sensors and hidden cameras, track the customers’ every move, automatically detecting when products are taken from or returned to the shelves.

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The Store Of Today VS The Store Of Tomorrow

Why are physical stores still stuck in a 1980s model? With the rapid advent of technology we’ve been promised

‘stores of the future’ for decades with little demonstration of them. But thanks to some innovating brands, new and old,

that is all set to change. Here we explore how technology will change the in-store experience and what we can expect.