Transforming Brick & Mortar Experience with Innovative Designs & Technologies

The rise of digitisation, shifts in customer behaviours and the blurring of online and offline are driving brick and mortar operators to look for new ways to innovate in-store experiences.

Furthermore, with ecommerce giants including Amazon, and Alibaba moving into the retail space and challenging the status quo, how can store and branch operators transform and elevate customer experience?

Join our inaugural Next Generation Stores on 5-6 September 2018 as we gather major retailers, banks, insurers and telcos to share best practices on how they are delivering interactive, immersive and engaging in-store experience through the integration of smart designs, technologies and spaces.

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Top Reasons to Attend

Reinvent your brick and mortar store through co-creating experiences and innovative designs

Accelerate brick and mortar digitisation to transform operations, service delivery and customer engagement

Find out how you can leverage AR/VR and assistant robots to drive immersive and engaging in-store interactions

Optimise your brick and clicks strategy to enhance customer experience in an omnichannel era

Gain inspirations on how you build fully automated branches and stores with the utilization of self-service technologies, automation and IOT

Key Conference Themes Include

  • Re-Designing the Brick & Mortar Experience
  • Creating Engaging & Immersive In-store Experience
  • Revolutionising Branch & Store Interactions
  • The Integration of Online & Offline

  • Digitising Brick & Mortar Stores
  • Building Smart Branches & Stores
  • Technology-Driven Stores & Branch Transformation
  • Beyond Traditional Brick & Mortar


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